Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cambridge English Signature Event - Observation and Reflection: tensions between best practice and reality

Observation - something which ELT teachers are always trying to be alert about and be prepared for. 

1) But how effective is observation? 
2) At what stage is observation effective?
3) What are the cultural, social and personal factors that influence all the 3 - the observer, the teacher and the student?
4) Are students observed at all? Why is the focus only on teachers?
Dr. Craig says -'Teachers or students- who are the elephants in the room?'
5) What makes observation uncomfortable?
6) Solutions? Best practice vs reality.

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The native vs the non-native speaker - Plenary by Silvana Richardson- 14th April

In these times, in the world of ELT, there is a divide based on preferences for a native speaker (NS)over a non-native speaker (NNS), in terms of hiring. Why is it? Though studies show that a NNS can equally be efficient or in some cases more effective than a NS. 

In this plenary, Mrs. Silvana Richardson excellently explores the issues surrounding the NNS in terms of employment, discrimination, NS-bias etc.

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Enhancing speaking and writing using Google Apps- 14th April

In this digital age, with digital natives, everyone wants fast and quick action be it learning or teaching. In this video, Mr. Dale speaks about how to use Google Apps internally in the classroom and externally. 

Some apps discussed were:

1) Talk and comment
2) Soundation
3) Padlet
4) TodaysMeet

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

12th April - interview sessions with top educators in ELT

There were interview sessions with many of the top ELT educators in the ELT yesterday, 12th April  by such as:

1) Dr. Andy Curtis, TESOL president
2) Mrs. Marjorie Rosenberg, IATEFL president
3) Mr. Herbert Puchta
4) Mrs. Anna Searle 
5) Mrs. Lisa peter

There interviews can be seen at:
12th April - interviews with top ELT educators- IATEFL 2016

Remember, today, 13th April, Wednesday, is the first day of the IATEFL sessions starting with opening plenary by Dr. David Crystal, at 11:15 AM (KSA time) on 'Who would of thought it? The English language 1966-2066.'

For details, follow the link:
IATEFL 2016 plenary schedule

Attend and enjoy!!!

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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Medicine 2 - Unit 2 - page 18

Language spot

Medicine 2 - Unit 2 - page 16 - 17

Reading exercises 2 - 4 (pages 16-17)

2) Skim (read the text quickly) and match the headings with the correct paragraph. So, read the text on page 17:

First, study the flash cards and pronunciation: